SWAAN: Looking Towards The Future

SWAAN: Looking Towards The Future

Here at SWAAN, we are committed by providing a webshop that helps empower artists and creative individuals like my dad. We have a clear vision and ambition, not only for the launch period but for the future, too.

One of our slogans, “create a moment of happiness,” is something that we hold close to our hearts, and at the end of every transaction, our customers will get something tangible from a real person.

We believe that the SWAAN. webshop offers my dad the chance to add value to the world by giving him the opportunity to share his paintings with fellow enthusiasts. Human interaction, creativity, and positivity are pillars of our webshop, and we are working to create a thriving community. We believe that by building a webshop that enables my dad to embrace his passion and it creates the ultimate in happiness.

We truly believe that by embracing the passionate movement, we’re not only giving my dad the platform he needs to take control of his future works, but also helping the world to become a more creative, confident, and passionate place.

Experience Art works over Ownership.

There is a significant segment that values the experience of art more than ownership. For them, it is not really about owning a work of art but exploring and experiencing as many of them as possible. This is the segment for which the subscription model is just made to order. At SWAAN. we started a new project to embrace this movement. It’s an ongoing process to follow-up with the needs of our customers. There are exciting times ahead!

Dennis Swaan