Is The Passion Economy The Future Of Work?

Is The Passion Economy The Future Of Work?

Is The Passion Economy The Future Of Work?

In recent years, the world has changed dramatically as technology continues to revolutionize how we interact and engage with each other. Over the past year, the ‘Great Resignation’ has seen scores of individuals quit their jobs in pursuit of better employment and to embrace the passion economy; but is it the future of work?

What is the passion economy?

The passion economy is the name given to the process of individuals monetizing their skills. Whether it’s creating beautiful artwork, writing blogs, or creating podcasts, entrepreneurs can scale their businesses and boost their income.

The passion economy lets these individuals to work whenever and wherever they like, and it is this unrivaled freedom that is seeing more people beginning to pursue their dreams. Unlike the ‘gig’ economy, which places significant pressure on freelancers, the passion economy is about empowering individuals.

Is it the future?

As automation and globalization continue to grow at an incredible rate, manual and repetitive jobs are being phased out. The passion industry will allow these individuals to gain a purpose and make money through things they love.

Dennis Swaan